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Bannockburn for BeginnersBannockburn for BeginnersOur price: £7.99ViewAuthor: Rennie McOwanJewels On The MoveJewels On The MoveOur price: £7.99View When Clare, Michael, Gavin and Mot visit an ancient castle, they find themselves taken back in time to 17th century Scotland, where they become caught up in a desperate journey to rescue the priceless 'Honours of Scotland' - the Scottish Crown Jewels. With armed men at their heels and an injured girl slowing them down , it's touch and go whether they will succeed, and even if they do, how will they get back to their own time?Light On DumyatLight On DumyatOur price: £7.99ViewLight On Dumyat by Rennie McOwan has been enjoyed by generations of children and this well loved adventure novel will be published in its fifth edition this year.Robert Burns for BeginnersRobert Burns for BeginnersOur price: £7.99ViewAuthor: Rennie McOwan
Saint Andrew for BeginnersSaint Andrew for BeginnersOur price: £7.99ViewAuthor: Rennie McOwanThe Day The Mountain MovedThe Day The Mountain MovedOur price: £7.99View While on holiday in the Scottish Highlands, Gavin and his friends Clare, Michael, and Mot find a dusty trunk full of strange objects with magical powers. The objects take the children on a magical adventure to a time and place where magic is part of everyday life and the children encounter ancient Celtic goddesses, warriors and witches. However the children can only return to their own time if they complete all the treacherous tasks contained in an ancient rhyme . The White Stag AdventureThe White Stag AdventureOur price: £7.99View There were dark stains in the lay-by where the car had been. To Gavin they looked like blood!Who were the men in the car and what was their interest in the great white stag which would appear mysteriously on the hills. Gavin and his friends Mot and Michael Stewart under the resourceful leader ship of their sister Clare are planning to spend their summer holiday turning a ruined castle into a den for themselves. Their activities interrupted when they are caught up in a series of mysterious and frightening incidents…The White Stag Adventure and Light on DumyatThe White Stag Adventure and Light on DumyatOur price: £15.00View Read about the adventures of Gavin, Clare , Michael and Mot in the first two books in the Clan series for only £15.00 (plus P&P).
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