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The Day the Mountain Moved

The Day The Mountain Moved


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There was a blinding flash and a great roaring noise began. A white mist coiled snake-like around the children until they lost all sense of time and place. What on earth was happening?

While on holiday in the Scottish Highlands, Gavin and his friends – Clare, Michael and Mot – find a dusty trunk full of strange objects with magical powers. They take them on an amazing adventure to a time and place where magic is part of everyday life, and they encounter ancient Celtic goddesses, warriors and witches. However, the children can only return to their own time if they complete all the tasks in an ancient rhyme.

The Day the Mountain Moved is the third novel in the bestselling Clan series, which also includes Light on Dumyat®, The White Stag Adventure and Jewels on the Move.

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Light on Dumyat®

Light on Dumyat® £7.99

Light On Dumyat® has been enjoyed by generations of children.

Gavin meets Clare, Michael and Mot when he spends the holidays in a wild part of the Scottish countryside. Their adventures are only just beginning …

The White Stag Adventure

The White Stag Adventure £7.99

Gavin and his friends Mot and Michael Stewart under the resourceful leadership of their sister Clare are planning to spend their summer holiday turning a ruined castle into a den for themselves. Their activities are interrupted when they are caught up in a series of mysterious and frightening incidents …

Robert Burns for Beginners

Robert Burns for Beginners £7.99

Beginners of all ages studying Burns find few specially produced books to work from.

Informal and educational, Robert Burns for Beginners introduces the poet and examines his life and works. There is also advice on how to hold a ‘beginners’ Burns supper.

Fully illustrated and includes projects for younger readers.

Bannockburn for Beginners

Bannockburn for Beginners £7.99

Bannockburn for Beginners enables readers of all ages to learn about the build-up to this famous battle, who the key figures were and the tactics they employed.

The book also describes the aftermath and the legacy of this historic encounter.

Fully illustrated and includes projects for younger readers.

Saint Andrew for Beginners

Saint Andrew for Beginners £7.99

How Saint Andrew went on to become one of the first Christians is among the best-known Bible stories. But how Andrew became Patron Saint of Scotland is not so well known.

Saint Andrew For Beginners outlines in detail what is known about this major figure.

Fully illustrated and includes projects for younger readers.